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At Great Brook Veterinary Clinic, we treat your pets like
the valued family members they are!

About Us

At Great Brook Veterinary Clinic your pet's
long term health and well-being is our #1 priority.
Just like we are a family, you and your pet are a family as well.
We recommend only products that are safe for your pet and your family!

How are we different?

We treat your entire family- budget/ lifestyle and needs. We only recommend appropriate services and products to promote the health and safety of your entire family. We are educated on alternative medications and treatments to reduce any potential risk to your family or other pets.
Staffs - Family Friendly in Antrim, NH

Meet Our Friendly Staff

Dr. Tom Dowling – Practicing since 1987

(B.S. from Rutgers University, M.S. from the University of Tennessee)
Following graduation from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Tom began his practice career with a bovine practice concerned mostly with dairy cattle in southern New Hampshire, Vermont and nearby Massachusetts. He then returned to work as a veterinarian at the practice where he grew up working as a vet assistant during his college days in New Jersey. Then he spent a couple of years in the “North Country” in Colebrook, New Hampshire, working with all creatures great and small, a few years with an assortment of emergency clinics, and then set out to break new ground in wonderful Antrim, New Hampshire. You may catch him playing piano at a local community supper or onstage acting with local community theater groups.

Sharon Dowling – Office Manager

Active in the practice since it began in 1993, Sharon has been very active in the community as a library trustee, Girl Scout Leader, Celtic musician, and Sunday School teacher. Sharon is integral in maintaining the atmosphere that makes Great Brook so wonderful: comfort and concern combined with fun. Sharon is available to handle any concerns.

Our Staff!

Read some of our Testimonials from loyal customers!

M.A.B from Hillsborough, NH, 02/13/2007
"I am very impressed with the workers and vet's interest with your pet. The cost of services are well under what I found in other offices. The facility's are clean and well taken care of."

User-1 from Hancock, NH, 01/30/2008
"Dr. Dowling "Dr. Tom" is a very caring Veterinarian. He is very personal and is a great lover of animals. His staff is very helpful and caring. I recommend this office to anyone who loves their pet and wants a quality vet."

Guest14810, 07/11/2012
"I was recommend Dr. Tom and his practice shortly after we moved into the area. The staff are caring and interested in you, your pet and your visit and Dr. Tom is just wonderful. He also does not recommend unnecessary procedures and is always thinking about the animal and what the treatment will do and how the animal will be affected. We had a beloved dog and they treated her for 4 years right up until her death and they could not have been kinder when coping with me after we had to say yes to her being put to sleep, even sending a card of condolence. Absolutely wonderful people."

"Dr Tom Dowling is a fantastic vet. His office staff is super friendly, rates are very reasonable, and everyone there truly cares. I took my dog there a few days ago with a cough, and they called today to followup on her. I've never had a vet office call me to followup on a visit, so that was a really caring touch.
I can't imagine taking my dog to another vet!"